How do you design?



I've had some really interesting conversations with our designers this week about approaches to design, and I thought I'd open up the conversation to a wider audience i.e. you!


Here are my questions to kick start the discussion:


  • How much do you storyboard before you open up Storyline?
  • Do you know exactly what’s going to go on every slide before commencing your design?
  • Or do you do a module at a time – working through what you’ll put in the next module (I mean interactions, presentation and media rather than content) as and when you get to it?
  • What percentage of your design window do you normally put to planning and collateral collation against actual build?
  • How long would it normally take you to design a 30 minute course (if all content and collaterals are easily available)?


It’ll be fascinating to hear how different designers approach their work.


Many thanks,



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