How do you do that? Is it called Branching??

Oct 07, 2016

Hello E-Learning Heroes.. I need someone to rescue me.. Here's my situation..  I created multiple training modules, each one shows how to perform specific tasks.  I want to combined these modules to create one larger module that will allow the user to complete a task based on what they want to do without starting over in a new module.  Each process starts the same, but is completed differently as you reach a certain point.  I want the user to have multiple options to go in a different direction to complete each process (but all in one module).  Can ya help me?

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Chris Undery

You are describing non-linear or branching which allows the learner to go off down different routes depending on choices you make) When you get to the point you want the learners to choose a route depending on what they do, have buttons /images or whatever you fancy (its basically a menu/jump off slide) and set a trigger to take them off down a specific route (either within the same scene or using different scenes) . If you potentially want them to be able to go through more than one of the routes then get the end of each route to go back to the menu slide. Hope this helps.

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