How do you edit Story View?

I have a course that I'm building that currently has 4 sections.  I would like there to be one main introduction slide and then 4 scenes underneath the intro.  All I have right now are 4 scenes.  I would also like to switch the 3rd and 4th scenes.  Is there a tutorial that I can watch that will teach me how to edit and organize the story view?


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Alan Landers

Hi Teresa,

Try this.  Create a new scene with 4 objects to click on (buttons, images, words, whatever) The first object takes the learner to the first scene, the second object to the second scene, etc.  In storyview and make the new slide the "Starting Scene" (there's an icon to do that in the home tab menu bar).  You will end up with a story view that has your new slide at the top and the 4 scenes beneath it with arrows point to them.

Once you have the new starting scene, you don't have to worry about changing the position of the 3rd and 4th scenes.  You can then create buttons or triggers to link the scenes however you want.  You may be thinking linearly.  SL eliminates the need for linear thinking and allows people to go wherever you send them through your links.  I can send you a very basic example if you'd like to see one.

Good luck.