How do you eliminate audio play on the Retry phase of a Drg n Drp?


I have a DnD exercise, with one Retry. There is a couple of audio clips that introduce the activity. However, if the user gets the first attempt wrong and hits Try Again the Activity refreshes (as it is supposed to) but the original audio clips start again. They are not appropriate for a Try again phase, and I want to avoid them. I tried to set up some variables but getting lost in Vland.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


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Harri C

Hi Grayley,

I would use a variable. Set a true/false one up and set it's default to false. You then need to adjust the variable to true when media completes. This will tell SL that the audio has been played. You then need to set a trigger somthing like 'play media when timeline starts if var is equal to false' . This means that SL will only play the audio if it hasn't been played before.

Hopefully that should work

Let me know if you need any more help