How do you find talented Storyline users for hire?

My online learning program is expanding again, and I am, once again looking for someone to help us out, as my team doesn't have the extra capacity. Last time I tried to hire someone, I only got like 4 applicants, and none of them were experienced with Storyline, even though it was a requirement int he ad. Where should I advertise? What would be good key words? Is there a job title that would work better? Help?!? I am downing in work!

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Pat Fox

Yes, I have a small budget for contract work, but what I would really like (Christmas List) is someone who is interested and has experience teaching online, who is also a talented media producer. I have to Media Technicians on staff, and that usually enough. But sometimes we get slammed. If someone were interested in teaching, we could have them usually teaching courses, then when we get overloaded, do some media.

To provide more information (and I will also post this in the job board):

SJVC is family owned and operated, and has been providing quality career education programs since 1977. We are regionally accredited by ACCJC (WASC). Our courses run in a 5 week term we refer to as a Module, and Modules run back to back throughout the year.

We use D2L (basic package) as our LMS, and have a standard course structure. Each course has 5 “Units” (1 week of study per Unit), and each Unit contains presentational content, with a reading companion that are built in Storyline, along with a discussion forum, some kind of homework, and a test.

Our Instructor/SMEs develop the course materials, including a Power Point that is used as the basis for the Storyline Presentation (20-30 minutes) and quiz questions that are turned into a Storyline quiz with fun interactive components.