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Kevin Thorn

Data Entry objects whether part of a quizzing template or manually added need a variable to store the entered value(s). 

Ex: Set [variableName] equal to the typed value when the control loses focus.

Variables are not objects so "Reset to initial state" will not work. The value that is currently assigned to a variable is still there.

That said, a "Retry Quiz" button on the Results slide *should* reset all quiz slides tied to that Results slide. If you have a custom "Retake quiz" button you'll need to manually reset the variables associated with the Data Entry object.

Without testing, my first thought would be to add a trigger to the "Retake Quiz" button: 

Set [variableName] equal to *blank* when the user clicks "Retake Quiz" button. Add as many triggers for each variable you need to reset back to its default value of blank/null/empty.

Hope I interpreted your question correctly.