How do you resize objects during a motion path?

Good day, folks!

Quite an alluring community you have here! Countless tips and tricks, and I do not seem to find the one for my heart.

Is there a way in which gentleman or a lady may resize an object in the motion path or in some other magical way? How do you usually do animations like that?

I am trying to implement the material animation in Storyline 2 and it would be great to know how a fella like me can resize a good old rectangle:

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dimtry -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question, and so glad to hear you are enjoying the community! This may not be exactly what you have in mind, but it may offer some ideas you can use. Please let us know if that will help, and otherwise, you are free to share your file if you'd like others in the community to chime in with ideas and suggestions. :)