How do you submit an elearning module for completion to an LMS?

I have skirted this numerous times by using the "slides viewed to complete" feature, but now that I have a non-linear interactive item that won't have a fixed number of slides to view, I am finally needing to use "submit".

I am not sure how to do this, however.  I think I am searching poorly, as I can't find  a tutorial.

Really appreciate the help on this embarrassing one.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nate!

Your tracking options as explained here:

  • Track using number of slides viewed: Use this option to specify how many slides learners need to view in order to complete the course.
  • Track using quiz result: Use this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, you'll need to pick just one result slide to use for tracking. (This option is grayed out if your course doesn't have any result slides.)

You can check out this creative solution shared by Mike Taylor as well if you wish to track based on a specific slide.