How do your SMEs and editors comment on Storyline Word output?


I'd like to do my 'storyboarding' right in Storyline. However, the Word output doesn't really allow for comments and track changes, since the slide is shown as an image. (Yes, the notes display, but I'm concerned about text on the slides, as we don't use as much audio as others may).

If you use the Word output, how do your reviewers mark their comments?


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Jason Reed

Hi Janet,

I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but I have a couple of suggestions that might help.

I don't use the word output, but I have the same need for SMEs to make comments. What I've been doing lately is creating storyboards in powerpoint, which is the closest I can get to storyline, without using storyline and then turning that into a PDF. Most people should have a PDF reader that allows them to make comments on it.

The other option would be for you to create screenshots of your storyboards and turn them into a PDF. The benefit of this is that you have a clear picture of what you've done and SMEs can comment on what they'd like changed, without actually changing it on the storyboard. This can help with version control when the SMEs have another review.

Hope that's of some help :)

Janet Bernhards

Hi Jason,

Yes, thank you, it is. I hadn't thought about commenting with the PDF reader.

I had considered having people write comments by hand (!) and then getting a scan or fax copy. Since I can save Word or PPT to PDF, the PDF method would  let me use either Word, PowerPoint, or Storyline screen shots. Thanks for the idea!