How does course structure affect tracking in LMS?

Hello. I am developing a fairly lengthy course structured as course => module => lesson. 

I generally like the idea of splitting up content--it makes file sizes smaller. E.g. it's much easier to go back and make a change to an individual lesson, instead of having to open up a massive file with the whole course. 

To do this, I have split each of the course's modules into several lessons. That is, I have created each lesson as individual .story files. I have then linked sequential lessons with triggers in the next/previous buttons on the last/first screens of each lesson that point toward the folder containing the lesson I want to open. Hope this makes sense.

Here's my question: The course will be uploaded to a client's LMS. Will the fact that I have split the course up in this way limit the ability of the LMS to track it? I have never delivered a course to an LMS before, so LMS are pretty new to me... I was also hoping I could tie in a pre- and post-training self-assessment in the form of a likert scale. That might also cause me some problems, but I haven't gotten that far yet :) 

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Finn Maigaard

So, from an LMS standpoint, a course should be built as one single file for optimal tracking? I thought that might be the case, but it sounds very impractical for a 3-4 hour course to be built as one massive file... There must be courses out there that consist of several sub-elements that are linked in an LMS...

Christie Pollick

Hi, Finn -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! Would it be possible for you to share the name of the LMS service your client will be utilizing in case there are others here in the community who can speak on their experiences? And also, I thought I might pass along some additional discussions related to best practices for course length:

As well as some information on Pre-Test and Post Test set up in case that may be helpful, as well: