How does LMS select the right launch file when publishing HTML5?

Hi everyone,

I published my course to include HTML5,  uploaded my course to my LMS (Moodle). I uploaded the whole

zip file to the LMS. When an HTML5 course is published, Storyline creates two index files.

How does the LMS know which index file to use when launching, in the case of HTML5 courses?

Does the LMS just use index_lms.html as the default and that allows Storyline to launch the html5 index file if that is needed?



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Sara G

I read the post Justin referenced. Further, another support page lists: "Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)" under Content Format > Flash. I thought Mac doesn't support Flash. Can you clarify?  If I unselect the HTML 5 publishing option, and learner is accessing our LMS from Chrome or Firefox on a Mac, will they have trouble viewing the course (since Mac doesn't support flash)? 

I have downloaded update 6. Do I need to republish our existing courses so that if learner opens our LMS on Chrome v44, they won't have problems viewing it? 

Thank you.

Jo Lamontagne

I'm having a real problem with the functionality of my courses, because my LMS requires IE browser for optimal use of my HTML5 content.


When assigning e-learning, I send an email with a url link to our LMS.  Is there any way that this link could also include coding that ensures the url is opened in IE? 


Many thanks in advance!


jo x

Justin Grenier

Hey, Jo.

To force a hyperlink to open in a specific browser, you could create a desktop shortcut (here, here, or here), or you could use a browser add-in (here, here, or here), but you won't be able to force this from a URL in an email message.

As a side note, not only is IE an unsupported browser for viewing Storyline HTML5 content, but according to, it's the worst modern browser for HTML5 support, so we wouldn't recommend viewing HTML5 content in IE at this point.

Good luck with your project!