How does LMS Tracking by Results Slide work?

Does anyone know if LMS Results are tracked by the Results Slide Layers or the Results.Score.Points vs Results.Pass.Points variables?

Because of how I've set up my quiz, I have a need for more than one Failure Layer on the results slide and I just want to make sure that it will track back to the LMS correctly if I'm using custom slide layers. I've found the results slides to be a little temperamental in the past.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephen, 

The results slide is going to submit the results just based on it being visited - so even if you removed reference to the results variables on that slide they still exist in Storyline and are tracked accordingly. You can have custom layers on the results slide and that shouldn't interfere with the set up - just make sure that the trigger to "submit results when the timeline starts" remains on the base layer of the results slide and that it's the slide you're tracking to the LMS from your publish settings.