How does Nicole Legault get that look with her office graphics?

I recently read a brief overview of how to use Storyline 2 to create graphics. I particularly love Nicole Legault's office graphics she has generously provided for download ... but I want to know how to get the look and feel myself!! I created some of my own (to put on one of her desks in a project) and it just didn't look exactly the same - I think I was missing the correct shadow or perhaps color tone.

Is there anywhere on this site I could read more about how to match these great graphics with the same look and feel of my own creations?

Thanks Nicole for sharing!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Janelle!

Thanks for your lovely feedback about my graphics! I've written the folowing articles about how I've created those graphics:

Design Any Custom Graphic You Can Imagine with Storyline 

How to create custom shapes/graphics in Articulate Storyline

You're right that using the appropriate gradients on the actual shapes, as well as using consistent and realistic shadows, is important to getting the shapes to look and feel more realistic.

Feel free to upload some examples of what you've created if you're looking for more specific feedback, I'd be happy to oblige :)