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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dongyup,

It seems Michael is on the right track. When you add in the built in buttons, they come with some prebuilt states that you can read about here, and I've included a portion below:

When you insert a button on your slide, it’ll come with some pre-built states, which control the look of the button when learners hover over, click on, or otherwise interact with it. The pre-built states that Storyline applies will depend on the type of button you insert.

  • All buttons include a normalhoverdown, and disabled state.
  • Push-buttons also include a visited state (which determines what users see after clicking on the button at least once).
  • Check boxes and radio buttons also include a selected state (which determines what users see when they’ve marked a check box, clicked a radio button, or clicked on a button that’s part of a button set).

You can also create custom buttons using any shapes.