How edit launcher.html not to launch quiz unless I click button?

May 24, 2012


How do I edit launcher.html so that the quiz I made does not launch when that page is loaded?

The comments in launcher.html says:


// The following code should be integrated with your web page in order to open

// the presentation in a new window.  To launch the presentation immediately, 

// simply copy the code below into your web page.  To launch the presentation

// when a button or link is clicked, call LaunchPresentation when the onClick

// event is triggered."

How exactly do I do this?

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David Burton


Just open the launcher.html in a text editor like notepad.exe and change the following line of code (Line 86).



<body onload="setTimeout('LaunchContent()', 100);">


Replace with:




After saving and running the launcher.html file, the user will be presented with a Launch Button that opens the course when clicked.

I hope this helps!

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