How Exactly Does Storyline 2 Bookmark

Jan 17, 2017

A client asked and I couldn't find specific info. I would assume that when a user closes a course before completion, SL2 sends bookmarking info to the LMS at that time (when the course is clicked closed). Can someone confirm this, or tell me if it happens differently? Client was thinking maybe it had an "auto-bookmark" functionality that bookmarked after each page is completed. I have never heard of this in a SCORM or other package. Thanks in advance.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eric,

Great question! The suspend_data element for a Storyline SCORM course tells the learning management system (LMS) where you leave off when you exit the course and lets you resume the course later in the same place without having to start over. This article explains a bit more about how suspend and resume actually works. You can also change the resume behavior of your course by following the steps in this article. Hopefully those links are helpful in discussions with your client!

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