How long does it take for Storyline 2 to save a new recording?

How long does it take for Storyline 2 to save a new recording?  We just did a 10 minute test recording of a try mode simulation. 

I noticed there's a 89mb  .fbr file in Storyline's temp subfolder that keep growing, and according to its time-stamp, it's been exactly an hour since it started being written.

The Saving... popup is still at 0%. Storyline is definitely working, but why so slow?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, John! Thanks so much for reaching out and sorry to hear of your difficulties! May I ask if you are working locally as described here? You may also want to check out the troubleshooting steps here to see if you find improvement. If not, please feel free to share your file and we'd be happy to take a closer look. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- I'm sorry to hear that issues persist, and many thanks for sharing your case number. I see that Ryan last replied with some possible ideas for why the long save time/crash could have occurred (which I'd like to share here for others who may be following along):

"It is really hard to say what caused Storyline 2 to take 4 hours to save the video. I can think of some scenarios that might have caused this. The first scenario is that the .story file has some other recordings or content which caused the size of the file to be huge and caused the crashed. Another possibility is that the system is not that powerful enough causing the long save time. There are also instances that the users does not have sufficient access to the folder. This usually occurs if the computer is connected to a domain and the user account has limited or no admin rights."

If you continue to have issues after the SME re-records the video, please be sure to reply to Ryan from within your case, and I'll be sure to monitor any additional developments.