How many files in a published Storyline folder?

I don't have Storyline, but I am responsible for publishing WBT on our LMS.  I have a vendor who is sending me a course created in Storyline,  I have told them I need the published folder only.  it appears they are trying to send me the source files.  I can't seem to locate an image or description of what files are in the published folder.  I even took a snap shot of the publish screen in the tutorial here with the email button.  Could someone send a snapshot or list of what is in the published folder?  Either I'm incorrect and there really should be 320 files in that folder at 20M or they are making this harder than I think they should . 



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Peter Anderson

HI Tiffany

It's typical for the published output to contain a lot of files, all of which are needed to ensure proper playback. It just sounds like maybe they aren't zipping the published output for you. 

You may want to ask them to use the built-in Zip feature on the Publish Successful dialog after they've published the Articulate content.  It'll automatically create a well-formed zip file, which they can then email to you. 

Here's how to publish a Storyline project for LMS distribution.