How many layers can a slide have?

Hi all, I am building a something in Storyline which currently is made up of multiple scenes.  However, I have one particular scene which has multiple links to it from multiple points (slides) throughout the elearn.    The problem I have is that when I need the learner to go back to their original entry point, this isn't possible when there are multiple entry points (confused yet?)  So I figured one way around this problem was to recreate this particular scene as layers and then attach them to the slides which would have had links to the original scene.  

So my question is this - how many layers can a slide have before there is some negative side effect?



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Walt Hamilton

The slide can have a LOT more layers than you can possibly keep track of. The only negative effect is when you try creating triggers to keep them all in order and jumping to the correct one, and back to the correct entry point.

If I were doing what you describe, I would create a variable named entryPoint. When the user clicked to jump to the 'one particular scene', the first trigger would change the variable to represent the entry point, and the second would jump there. When they were ready to return to the entry point, a series of triggers would bring them back to the correct entry point:

If entryPoint = "Slide1", jump to slide 1

if entryPoint = "Cow Slide" jump to CowSlide, ect