How much is too much information on a single slide?

Sep 19, 2018

I am creating an online induction and one of the slides has about 15 images on it. Each image has a change of state set. Also when you click on the image it shows a different layer. 

So in total: 15 images + 15 state + 15 layers.


When I go to preview the slide, the images either don't show up or when I hover/click on them the image disappears.


I've attached screenshots of what it should look like and what happens when I preview the slide. P.s. this also happens when I publish.

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Kelly Taylor

My experience would be to test in a variety of environments. We find sometimes in the inbuilt preview or reviewer likes to take a nap and offers a different outcome to that of the final publication.

If you are experiencing issues previewing, I would first try saving, closing then previewing again. Chances are you may just get the outcome you are after.

Crystal Horn

Hi Mel!  Thanks for sharing your file.  Really cute way of introducing your executive team - kudos!

Your state change occurred when the mouse hovered over each avatar, but you weren't using a hover state.  You used a custom state with a trigger.  That's ok, but it's a lot of work to build.

To simplify, I duplicated your custom state, made it a hover state, and deleted all the triggers to change state.  The great thing about built-in states is that Storyline does all the work for you!  Using the hover state eliminates the need to add triggers to get those avatars to change. 

The only other factor impacting the avatar state change is the actual size of each avatar image.  I noticed there was a bit of "empty" surface area to the left of each avatar on the slide that was still a part of the image dimensions.  You could consider cropping them a little tighter so that the hover "area" is more specific to their images.

Let me know what you think!