How much work to implement a SCORM/TINCAN project on a client LMS?

Hi All,

Currently, we host all of our Articulate e-learning on our own LMS (Wordpress plus Learndash plug-in).

We now have a new client who wants us to load our content (2 courses, 7 modules) on their SCORM/TINCAN compliant LMS (called BOOST).

I know how to publish for SCORM/LMS and how to test on SCORMCLOUD, but I have no idea how much time/cost to allocate for getting it loaded and tested on the client LMS . I know that the client is very twitchy about security and likes everything possible locked down. 

Can anyone give any guidance on this, please?

Are there any questions that I should be asking to help estimate the work required?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.




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