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Brian Allen

Michael Hinze said:

You could initially set your trigger to 'When the timeline reaches CuePoint xyz' and then later drag the cuepoint to another place on the timeline as needed.

True dat, but then that would require I place a cue point, which I really didn't want to do in this case.  I've just noticed some inconsistency with triggers in the trigger panel where sometimes you can change values right from the panel, but then with other triggers you can't change the same value sometimes without entering the trigger wizard.  Variable values are a great example of this.

Brian Allen

Here's an example of the inconsistency that drives me crazy sometimes...

In the screenshot below there is inconsistency in my ability to adjust the variable "Question2" from the Trigger panel, within the same trigger.  If I can change the variable I'm pointing to in one place without entering the Trigger Wizard I should be able to everytime.

And it can't be said that I can't change the variable in the IF statement because it's in the conditional statement...  There are two other values in the conditional statement that I can change from the panel.  Why not the variable too?