How secure are the images online?

Im trying out Storyline - really like it so far.
I´m building an e-course that´s going to be used for medicine students. I need to disable access to the actual photos being used. Previously I have been using software that publish everything to a single swf file. I know how to secure  swf files (domain locking etc). 

If I would upload a Storyline presentation online, can a viewer access the photos being read from the xml file?


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pete a

Nice frog!
Previously I have put everything in a single swf file (using other software), encrypt swf, domain lock, put behind secure login on website.
This is considered "good enough" from the company I work for. 
With Articulate storyline, the images being used are put in seperate folder and read into the swf file via the xml.
If someone would navigate to the folder they could "pick and choose" from all the images.

Im wondering how others are securing information from being accessed outside from the swf file.

Hope I make sense