How to Access Completed Articulate Course

I created a course on my computer at home and I’d like to have access to the course while at my client. Unfortunately the course is on my desktop, I don’t have a laptop. Is there an app that will allow me to run a preview of the course and view the details (properties, states,layers etc) for each slides). I doubt that I will be able to put the files on the client’s server. 

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Wendy Farmer
Pam bradford

Is there a way to see the details of my course (properties, stated, layers, triggers etc.) on a machine that does not have articulate?

Hi Pam

unfortunately no, you'd need to have Articulate installed.  Under the EULA, you can have Articulate installed on two machines if that helps you.

Pam bradford

Thank you for your timely responses. I may end up printing out the course details but I was able to run the course after creating the cd. I had to zip up the articulate files and put all of them on the hard drive of the destination computer, unzip the folder and then I could run the story file, yeah!!!!!

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