How to add a SWF video to display when user clicks a hot spot?

I have the hot spot object trigger in a "Hot Spot" quiz slide working, so I thought I could add a very small (2KB) SWF flash animation (swirling object) to display (via an additional object trigger) when the user clicks a "hot spot".  I moved the new trigger above the "Submit Interaction" trigger so that the SWF flash file would display first, then the slide would "submit the interaction" when the user  c;icked on either a correct or incorrect hot spot. Currently these two object triggers are both in the base layer.

The SWF animated video is not displaying at all. Does it need to be on its own layer?  Or what would be the best way to show this?  See the trigger I am trying to use now from the base layer of the hot spot quiz slide.

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Donna Copeland

I have been able to add a second trigger that should ONLY display the "swirrly" SWF object when the user clicks the Hot Spot (Hot Spot 1) before the "Submit Interaction" trigger initiates as I moved the "play media...." when user clicks immediately before the Submit Interaction trigger.

I also moved the Submit Interaction object trigger in front of the "play media..." (See below).  It plays now, but throughout the timeline, not when the user clicks.  So even though the movie options offer the ability to "play" the movie from a trigger or when clicked, I now have the movie play during the entire timeline. Any ideas?     HELP!

Donna Copeland

I have just submitted a testquiz.story for you to see one slide where I have the SWF triggering when a user selects it (after the user displays the new layer), and a true freeform question using hotspots (one correct and three incorrect shapes) where it still does not work.  I also uploaded the SWF file so you would see what I am after. I only want the SWF to display when the user clicks a correct or incorrect "hotspot". 

When I tried to add an object trigger to play the SWF media in the correct or incorrect layers, then I could not get the correct "Object" to show in the pull-down list, indicating to me that it was either a layer or state, not a trigger inside a new layer.  Am I close?

Thank you!!!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Donna,

I see that Cleo sent you the following troubleshooting steps for your SWF file:

For this type of design, you may want to try do the following: 
-Keep the Submit Interaction trigger on the base layer but try to edit the trigger, When option to "Timeline Ends", assign it on one of the hotspots. 
-Keep the Animation SWF layer, but you need to extend it's timeline as long as you wanted the animation. Then add a new trigger to hide the layer when timeline ends. 
-Add a new layer and assign a name (example: Pause layer). See the layer properties to "Pause timeline of base layer" 
-Go back to the base layer and add a new trigger to display the new layer you added (example: Pause layer), on Timeline Starts. You have an option to add an object on the base layer or assign it on one of the hotspots. 

Hope that helps! 

Donna Copeland

Thank you. I think we will avoid this issue for now so that I can work on the overall quiz banks displaying six or seven questions out of  (14) total questions using several quiz banks to randomly select only a specific number of questions....just trying to understand if SL will avoid displaying a question it already displayed in the same quiz.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Donna for the update - and feel free to keep us posted when you get back into using the SWF file. 

As for the question banks, as you'll see described in this thread it depends on the total number of questions and how many you choose to pull. I think since you said they're in several quiz banks, that could be the other way to make sure it doesn't draw the same question...if there are similar questions (M/C What is the capital of NY? and T/F Albany is the capital of NY) you could put them into the same question bank, and choose to only draw one. This way learners may be getting different questions than their peers - but won't get the same question or a similar question twice.