How to add check marks when learners finish different sections

Jul 27, 2012

Hi, I have a course which has more than three different sections. I want to add check mark to each section when the learner fisishes that part.

I used buttons for each section, and set a "finished" state for each button. It's each to achieve the goal if the learner goes linear way. However, if the learners don't click the buttons according to specific order, how can I reach that?

Thank you

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Phil Mayor

I wouldnt use visited state for this.

Hate to disagree with Mike

But the visited state will fire before you view the content, it would be muchj better to use a custom state e.g. completed and then track this using variables, it is more complcated but it does ensure that the content has actually been reviewed prior to marking as complete (or at least ensures the slides were visited)

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