How to Add Conditions to States

Hi everyone!  I'm trying to make a state on an object contigent upon the state of another object, but I'm not having any luck.  The concept I'm going for is that there are two objects (Atsumi and Jane), both set up with two states: Normal and Visited.  I want the user to only see the state change to visited one the second object (Jane) if the state of the first object is visited.  In other words, object two (Jane) should not be able to become "visited" until object one (Atsumi) is visited.  I set up my trigger as follows:

However, when I preview the slide and click object 2 (Jane) while object 1 (Atsumi) isstill in the Normal state, object 2 (Jane) changes to visited despite the condition not being met. 

Any ideas on this?  Help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks everyone!

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Meryem M


Welcome to Heroes!

Jane will always change to Visited if she has been visited. 

I think you are having that problem because in Storyline "visited" means something specific.  It means "has been clicked on."  So, if you use the built-in state "Visited" the built-in parameters are already there no matter what triggers you write. 

I suggest you make a custom state and not call it Visited.  I've attached a story file with a new state on the characters called "Hands Up."  If Suits hands are up, then Red Shirt has a state change as well.  See if this logic makes sense.

Ian LeBlanc

I have a follow up to this thread.  This is the main idea we're after:

  1. User clicks George
  2. Jump to slide 2.  Then click back to return to slide1.
  3. Back on slide 1, George is greyed out.
  4. User then clicks on Elaine.
  5. Jump to slide 3.  Then click back to return to slide 1.
  6. Back on slide 1, Elaine is greyed out.

Requirements: The user cannot click on Elaine first.  If the user clicks on Elaine, nothing should happen.  She should not be greyed out, and the user should not be taken to slide 3.  Only after clicking george and viewing slide 2 should the user be able to click Elain successfully.  I've set up a variable called GeorgeExplored with a default of False, and a trigger on slide 2 to adjust the variable to True when the timeline starts.  The trigger to jump to slide 3 when clicking elaine is contingent upon the variable being True.  This works.  So I then decided to add the same condition for the State change to Explored when the user clicks Elaine.

The problem now is that when the user return to slide 1, from either slide 2 or 3, then state of Elaine and George are set to Normal, not Explored, even though the user has clicked.  I suspect this is because the timeline starts again, or something like that.  I've attached the file.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ian,

I've uploaded it with a couple changes.

Changed the trigger for George to change to explored when the timeline starts on slide 1 if GeorgeExplored=true

Added another T/F variable for Elaine explored

I think it achieves what you were after. Let us know.