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Faye S.

what's the difference between "Pick many" and "Multiple response?"

I think that's where I'm getting confused. I recall in Adobe Presenter the option for adding multiple choices to a question was very intuitive whereas here, it looks like it's more work. The problem I find with the Multiple Response here is that I can't (or just don't know how) apply the theme to the questions so it matches the rest of the presentation. 

Update: 8/22 1:09 p.m. , EST

I was able to figure it out. The quiz is working fine now. Thanks for your help!! 

Wendy Farmer

HI Faye

the MR question is a graded question that is already setup for you with question and answer fields whereas the freeform type question allows you to take any objects on screen and turn it into a quiz question.

If you have created a specific theme, and wanted to use the graded MR type you should be able to apply the layout to your quiz slides although there maybe some minor tweaking you need to do.