How to add 'Play Button' to Storyline 360 Simulation

May 09, 2018


I'm currently using SL360 to create software simulations, and then embedding these Simulation into Rise courses. One issue I'm running into is that the simulations are starting immediately upon opening the lesson in Rise - even if the User has a lot to read through!

How can I insert some type of play button so that the simulation doesn't even initialize until the User is ready?

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Bob O'Donnell

I think you can add a "Continue Block" to your Rise course. The simulation shouldn't play until the user activates continue.

I would think you could also add a single Play Button slide up front in your 360 simulation file. So its sitting on the Play button slide before starting.

I'm curious to know the solution you use as I was going to play with something similar very soon.

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