How to add Player Trigger to a Layer

Sep 26, 2019

I am unable to add a trigger to a layer to advance to the next layer or slide. Do I have to have a hotspot & trigger in order to get user from one layer to another, or is there a way to use the Player trigger to do so?

I have a base layer with several additional layers. The 2nd to last layer does not have any hotspots - it's simply a display of objects and I have "hidden objects on Base layer." I want the user to be able to click the Player "Next" button to proceed to the last layer, but when i add a trigger to do so, the trigger ends up on the Base layer. Is the Player trigger only on the Base layer? How can i get user to advance to next layer/slide if there's no interaction? Would i have to disable the Player triggers and create customs buttons so that i can use layers like slides?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Deirdre

Holley is correct, the player navigation is linked to the slide and the layers are part of the slide.  You can use variables and triggers to achieve what you want - depends on if you think the workaround is worth it...if you'd like to share your .story file or even just the slide with the layers and someone can offer a solution if you decide you want to go ahead with it...I say that because it will be required on all slides with layers to maintain the consistency for users.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Deirdre,

If you don't want to include any other interaction (e.g. a button), you can jump to another layer by using a "when timeline ends" trigger. If you only want the second to last layer to be visible for a set amount of time, just set the timeline for that layer to the required number of seconds and then create the trigger to show the layer. 

Make sure the properties for each layer are set to "Hide other slide layers" and also "Hide objects on base layer".  If you want the user to be able to decide when to move on, but don't want a great big button on the screen, you can always using a small 'X' icon in the top corner and "show layer when user clicks on icon".

See  attached example of time-based layer change.

Deirdre Sherman

Thank you all for your suggestions. I didn't realize the Player Next button was only tied to the Base layer, or I would't have built out layers the way i did. For the sake of user interaction consistency, I will stick to the rule of using layers only when they include an interaction that user clicks on to advance. I will convert all other layers to slides. 

Thanks again.

Amy Beggs-Dillane

What do you do though if you want the learner to be able to advance to the next slide (as they would by hitting the next button) from the last layer of the slide you are on? I have a base slide with three layers, and when on the last layer, the learner should be able to click the next button to go to the next slide, however they can't. The base slide has the Next button trigger on it, but this isn't working for the final layer, how can I add this to the final layer so the learner can just click next to move forward?



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