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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa, if you have transparent shape you don't need the hotspot,  Because HS can't have states that is why we create a transparent shape to mimic the HS but it can have states and the user is no wiser because they are just clicking an object that has the shape overlaid.

Feel free to upload the slide if you need more help.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Chelsea and Stu!  Hotspots are an efficient way to add an invisible field that already has a trigger associated with it.  Sure -- you could use a transparent shape, but it's a few less steps to add a hotspot if you just need an invisible, clickable region.  It's analogous to how buttons have prebuilt features that make them more efficient than using shapes.

States are generally visible changes to your slide objects, so they don't apply to hotspots.  How did you need your hotspot states to change?  Are you thinking that you'd like it to be disabled or to show a visible cue once clicked?

C McMillan

Hi Crystal,


Piggy backing on this old thread here. I have a slide and I want the user to click on the object , show new layer and change the state of said object at the same time. I initially added a hot spot to my object to show layer and a separate trigger to same object to change it's state. That's when I realized this could not be done. So, I tried the transparent shape and added a trigger to it to show layer and a separate trigger to the same transparent shape to change state. This still didn't display the visited shape. I cannot use a condition because it will only show layer if shape is visited and I want the two actions to be simultaneous with one user click on one object. What am I missing?