How to Add this Question in Storyline Quiz

I am trying to create this question slide in Storyline.  Basically, the three statements in the right hand side has one correct answer - Yes or No.  Thus, this is really a question with 3 pairs of radio buttons.

Now my first instinct was to make this slide a free form slide.  And I did that but that did not work.  Here is why-

Because there are three correct answers here - one for each statement - I selected the form - Pick Many.  But now I was able to mark both Yes and No as correct answer for single statement.  This is clearly not logical. So somehow I need to tell the system that first two are button pairs.

Can you please help me here.  I look forward to your suggestions!



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Annie Jean

Hi Payal,

What you need in fact is three button sets.

To do so, select your first 2 buttons, right-click and select "Button set" from the drop-down menu. then you can choose to create a new one that you name whatever you want.

Do the same for the 3 sets and you should have the result expected.

Hope it helps. Don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.

Have a nice day!


Payal Tandon

Thanks Annie for replying to my question.  What you said is a good idea.  You are in fact suggesting that I create my own question slide by using the button interactivity feature.  I could very well do that but then I will need to create the logic of this being a quiz.  i.e. if the user selects the correct combination of the buttons in the 3 button sets, then the question is graded as correct otherwise it is not correct. 

I actually need to create a quiz containing 3-10 such questions.  So if I create my own question slide, then I will need to establish my own quiz module which tracks the correct answers and maintains the score and then shows the results.  Essentially I will not be able to take advantage of the quizzing feature in storyline. 

I hope I have been able to explain my problem.  :(

Payal Tandon

I think I may have figured this out.  And it was fairly simple.  Thanks to Annie, I just had to make each pair of buttons a button set in my Pick Many Free form interaction.  So now I can have multiple responses and I can force the button set behavior and I can use the quiz feature of Storyline.