how to add triggers to a numeric entry field

I am trying to create an entry simulator for one of our systems and part of the information can't be entered until a button is pushed. I can't seem to do anything with my numeric or text entry fields except enter data into them.

Ideally i would like to set the states of the entry filed to disabled when the user enters the screen and make it enabled when they push the button. 

Any ideas on how to make this happen?


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Walt Hamilton

1. Slide text entry box to the right on the timeline. Create a trigger to pause the timeline after every necessary object has entered the slide and entrance animations (if any) are finished. Create a trigger to resume the timeline when learner pushes button. Timeline will continue and text entry box will appear.

or 2. Cover text entry box with something that looks like whatever is behind the text entry box. Create a trigger to set the state of that object to hidden when the learner pushes the button.

Remember, you never have to do anything in a visual medium like this. You only have to make it look like it's doing something.  The disappearance of an object that masks another looks like the appearance of the second object. To the viewer, it's the same thing.