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Emalyn Lim


Appreciate the solution link given but the link is mainly for custom made glossary tab and it is in Articulate Presenter. In Articulate Storyline, glossary edit area has a different interface. What I mean't is this.

The above is glossary interface.

The above is resource interface.

Glossary interface only allows input of text information. What if there is an url or pdf link I would like to attach at glossary area and not using custom made glossary button at content area? 

Thanks and regards,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emalyn,

The glossary doesn't currently allow for the addition of URLs or PDfs - although if you had the url text you could add that in, it just wouldn't be hyper-linked. It sounds like a great idea for a feature request though, and in the interim the solution would be to create a custom glossary, similar to how you might create a custom menu in a lightbox.