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Steve Flowers

Hi, Aroldo -

A couple of ways to go about this. The most intuitive way will be overlaying your slides with a hotspot (really big click area) so that no matter where your mouse is, you will be able to hit it. 

You could do this on your master slide by using a master slide layer but there's a problem getting triggers to execute from a layer on the master. I've attached an example that uses a variable to proxy another trigger from a master slide layer. You could extend this by creating another hotspot and variable for back and split your screen with hotspots 30/70 or so. Click the left side and go back, click the right side and go forward.

The example also shows the use of a custom Flash Widget that lets you go fullscreen in HTML published outputs.

John Morley

Thanks Ashley,

However, this is not working for us. Am using Storyline 3, and the dialog box (attached) is a bit different. Plus, when leaving the entry in the Object field "unassigned" it changes automatically to the title of the slide.

I try the R500 Logitech remote with a PowerPoint presentation and it works fine. Trying the Storyline presentation, pressing the Page Down key on the keyboard works fine to advance the slide. This tells me the remote advance key is mapped to the Page Down key on the keyboard. But something is just not working.

Can you please help me out.



John Morley


Now for something completely weird: Experimenting further, when advancing through slides the first time by pressing the Page Down key on the keyboard -- works fine. However, when using the menu to go back to slide 1, pressing the Page Down key now does nothing.

Relaunching the presentation again, and pressing the Page Down key works again, but only once. 

What is going on? What would cause a keyboard press trigger to work only once?

Phil Mayor

For the keyboard trigger to work the slide has to have to focus, I suspect selecting an object in the menu means the player now has focus, you could try adding a data entry field on the slide at the bottom of the timeline (it can be off slide) more often than not this ensures the slide has focus.