How to advance to next screen if data is entered

May 15, 2015

Can someone tell me how to setup the slide triggers and conditions to do the following:

- User will be required to enter a dummy username

- if they enter the dummy name, it automatically takes them to the next slide.

Thanks in advance, Karen


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Amir Amir

it will be so nice if someone help me out.
i want to add a button which controls the slide advance properties of all slides in the topic.

e.g if the learner wants to make it automatically by clicking that button all slides should be automatically but when the learners un-activate it should be not automatically , it should be by user.
can anyone help me please thanks.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amir! Triggers that have conditions based on a variable value can help you control what happens. Try these steps:

  • Create a true/false variable. For this example, I'll call it Automatic.
  • Decide where you want the button that controls that variable. Add that button, and create a trigger that changes the value of Automatic whenever it is pressed: 

  • Add a trigger to every slide to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends IF Automatic has a value of True.

If you have a project that you've started, feel free to share it here for more targeted help!

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