How to advance user only when media link finishes playing

I have a question about media playing in a slide.  This media is a link to a webpage that plays a video about voter registration.  I want to make sure the slide doesn’t advance until the user has watched the video, but because this is a link to a webpage and not embedded media, I can’t set the slide to only progress when the media finishes playing.

Any suggestions?  I tried setting the slide to advance after 12 minutes (the length of the video) but then if the user pauses or rewinds, the slide advances before they have finished viewing. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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Brian Dennis

Media status events and messages are some of the selling points to the popular dedicated video players like JWPlayer and FlowPlayer. These players expose an interface via javascript that can be used to wire up Storyline events. Bare embedded web objects and videos do not offer such an interface, so you are left with "blind" time based solution like you have employed.