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Cheng Li

Hi Gaurav,

In your sample, the text is actually part of the radio button. And it seems that SL is set to align the radio button to the center of its text by default. So perhaps it is not feasible.

But you can definitely align the radio button to a separate box (not the radio button text itself). However, if you want to shuffle the answers, the separate box that you create won't shuffle together. So you have to group the text box with each of the radio button, which takes a lot of time. 

I'd love to see other solutions.


Kristen Llobrera

Four years later and there doesn't seem to be a better solution to this, is there? The only other idea I had was to add a separate text box into the various states of the radio button. The problem with that is if you had to make a change to the text, you'd have to change it in each state. I think the grouping is the best option for now, but this is still a feature I'd love to see in Storyline. 

Yonca Ural

Yes, this has been causing me a lot of problems. With using a workaround like the one Kristen suggested and with grouping it doesn't work with JAWS screenreaders.  So now I have to use the text built into the radio button and it just doesn't look right with the text aligned to the center of the radio button. Please see an example in the image below.

Choice not aligned to top of radio button.