How to amend background of a rectangle when dropped on a target to ensure consistency I am editing a course developed by previous developer. I have had feedback that when scenario options are dropped on the target they appear different. I have looked at variable wording and it appears identical. Why would one text box have a different background? Any idea how to make them consistent? Thanks, Julie

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Julie Sullivan

Hi Noel...thank you...sorry i realized i needed to add the states attachment to the original discussion. So both normal states are working correctly. It is when they are dropped on the target that one seems to go to the drop correct state and the other does not. I'd like them both to display the same...

Noel Read

Hi Julie,

So not states then. I can't see anything on there that jumps out as the issue. Any chance you can post the actual story and I can take a look? If it's private then you could Articulate Support and upload it to their private area. Or someone else might be able to see what the issue is from what you have provided.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

It sounds like you've run into trouble with your dropped correct states? Are you using a drag and drop question, or did you build this interaction on your own? It'd also be helpful to know if you're using triggers to adjust these states or if you've let Storyline work it's built-in magic. 

As Noel mentioned, our Support Team are always happy to take a look and they're able to sign an NDA if needed too! We'll always delete your files when done troubleshooting.