How to animate an object so it looks like it minimizes and expands directly into and out of another object?

Here's an example screenshot of what I'm working with:

When the user clicks the question mark, I want the blue tipbox to expand out of the question mark. When they click the "x" on the tipbox, I want the tipbox to minimize back into the question mark. In other words, I want the same effect as when you minimize a browser window and it looks like it minimizes directly into the (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) icon on your dock.

The closest I've gotten to making this happen is to use the "Fly in" animation effect. To make this work, I've put the tipbox on two layers.

Layer 1 has an Entrance Animation that flies in from the bottom-left corner when the slide starts.

Layer 2 has an Exit Animation that does the opposite when a user clicks the "x" object. It also hides Layer 1.

It looks okay... but not great. It looks like it expands and minimizes from the bottom left corner, but I really want it to look like the tipbox expands and minimizes directly into and out of the "?" icon. Does that make sense?

Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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