How to animate multiple pictures


I am new to Storyline and want to animate a group of pictures. I have pictures of cartoon character giving the thumps up. There are 7 pictures of him going through the motion of giving a thumbs up. I'm not sure how to go about layering or triggering them so that the pictures become animated, like a cartoon. 

I've included the pic of the stages of him giving the thumbs up.  

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Walt Hamilton

If you want to do it without creating a bunch of triggers, you could put him on a layer, and show the layer when you want to see the thumbs up. Use the timeline to show the first one for about .16 sec. and disappear. Then each one shows (without animations) when the previous one disappears, and you'd have an animation that is approx. 1 second long.

Bob O'Donnell

You could assemble them on a separate layer in your timeline and call to it when you want it to show. Another option would be to turn the images into a single gif animation and insert that in your file. The animation timing (speed) can be set by you.

Here's a sample that shows both options:


Charles Mistretta

Thanks. I think I may try that way. I'm having a little issue with triggering it. Storyline is completely new to me and I picked up some stuff pretty easily, partly due to all the great help here, but I'm just scratching the surface. 

Thanks to all the help. Its great that the community here is so helpful. I really appreciate the input.