How to apply SlideMaster format template to radio buttons in quiz imported from Excel spreadsheet?

Mar 17, 2022

Hi team, I am currently creating my own SlideMaster template for a mobile phone quiz.

When importing quiz questions from file, the Question Choices are created as radio buttons. The SlideMaster layout 'Question' shows a text box, and the radio buttons are populated WITHIN that text box. 

My question is, how do I apply a template format to those radio buttons, since they do not show up in the SlideMaster layout for me to edit?

Refer to below images.

  1. The SlideMaster layout.
  2. What gets applied when the layout is selected
  3. What I want it to look like upon applying the layout.

Bearing in mind, the questions are imported from file (spreadsheet).

Thank you in advance.

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