How to attach documents that are updated on daily basis?

Feb 18, 2016

Dear Articulate

I am looking for a way to attach a Excel-document that is updated every day.

At the moment, Storyline only save one version of the Excel-document, but when there is an update in the document - then my storyline fil does not update it.

Can you advise me on how to attach the document correctly?





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Walt Hamilton

Pratiek is right. When you publish SL, files with an external reference are copied into the folder he mentions, and when the user clicks to jump to that file, SL looks in that spot for a file with that name.

There are two ways to change this:

1. Edit the .story file and change the link to point to a new file, which will be copied when the story is published OR

2. Copy the new version of the file to the location Pratiek indicated.

If I were doing it, I would automate the production of the new file so it is saved to that location.

Note: If you are pointing to a url on the web, you need to update that file every day, but it must keep the same url.

Judy Nollet


I rarely attach files anymore, because, like you, it's not practical to update a course every time a file is updated (even when that doesn't happen every day).

At a company I contract with, we typically store a file on an internal website or SharePoint site, then have the course link to the URL of the file. However, as others noted above, the location and file name have to stay exactly the same for this to work. This means you can't append the file name with a version date. (We put the version date within the file, so it's available without impacting the file name and link.)

Another option if the file name does have to change is to link to the folder where the file(s) are stored, and let people open the file on their own.

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