How to avoid auto-navigation

Jun 25, 2012

Hello there,

I have created a storyline project by imported a PowerPoint presentation containing a text animation. After publishing the content I observed that slides were auto-navigating which I don't want. I observed that for each slide, storyline has added a slide level trigger as “Jump to next slide” which gets fired when timeline ends; I thought that was the root cause. So I deleted those trigger from each slide, thought it is navigating to next slide automatically. Could someone help me to resolve this issue?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Prashant -

One of the cool things about Storyline is that it provides multiple avenues to accomplish tasks. The method Bruce mentions above is GREAT for single slides. If you need to apply settings to multiple slides, you can do them all (or a selection of slides) at once in Story View:

I find that I use Story View for quite a bit of my work. It's great for editing slide level triggers.

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