How to avoid jumping answer alternatives?

Oct 16, 2015

Hi everyone!

I have just completed a massive translation processes when turning my eLearning into 18 different languages.  I used Storylines translation functionality and when turning off the spelling of the Word document everything worked as it should.    :-)

However, one problem was reoccurring. The eLearning course contained 8 questions and each question contained 5-7 answer alternatives. 

The text box states for each answer had different sizes after a new language was imported. In the preview and published version it looked like the answers were jumping when the cursor hovered or pressed each alternative.  

This problem was fixed by me manually by re-sizing on each states on all the answer alternatives. It worked but it took a great deal of time.

I was therefore wondering if someone have found a solution to this problem? How can I avoid this in the future?

Best Regard,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Madeleine!

I'm not sure that I've heard of this issue before. I know with translation, the text could be various lengths, of course, so perhaps if these boxes were set to re-size shape to fit text that would be the issue.

If you have an example .story slide that we could take a look at, that may be helpful in determining.

Madeleine Canderudh

Hi Leslie!

After your answer I have tried to create a dummy production to show you the problem. During my tries I have realized that the problem only occurs when importing the translation files from the translation agency. Hence, I think the problem not is due to the size of the text boxes, as I thought, but actually is due to the translation process. 

I will therefor contact the translation agency to find a solution in their process. 

Sorry for bothering you with my question!

Best Regard,


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