How to become members of Articulate BETA testers.

Oct 01, 2013

Hi All, 

Does anyone know who I need to contact to become involved in the Articulate BETA testing. So far I have emailed and they have come back and asked me to email someone else at Articulate. Whilst I have forwarded on the email, so far I have been hearing conflicting information from Articulate.

If anyone can let me know that would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Neil Chandarana

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Neil Chandarana

Hi All,

Thanks for your response.

 Yes I did email that address however was then told that the BETA testing is now closed.

I then replied with a request for a special request to be granted based on the type of program that we are creating with Articulate. I am happy to share this information privately and have tried to contact various members of Articulate Support to try and get them to understand how it is imperative that we get access to the BETA program.

 Just to give you an idea we have 2 million+ potential users on the program.

 For example last week, when the Articulate Mobile Player was updated for the IPAD this then affected our Learning Management System (LMS), currently we are unable to view content on the IPAD on our LMS. We have a case open with Articulate on this matter and it is currently being investigated (Case #00357606).

Once our program is live, I am sure you can appreciate we would be very anxious if we hear of any problems the same time as our users would do, this would also create a vast number of technical support calls. However greater than this we want to be able to protect our brands and partners reputation and therefore Articulate.  This is the reason we are trying to get access to the BETA program.

We are requesting BETA access to the below:

1.       Articulate Storyline

2.       Articulate Mobile Player

If anyone can help me just in touch with the right person this would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Neil Chandarana

Justin Wilcox

Hi Neil.

Typically when we find a defect that is slated for an update, the person who is impacted by this will be notified when there is an update to test which would be a beta product. That is a little different than beta testing future products. I do  know that we have your issue logged and that any update we wanted to test, we would certainly make available to you to test prior to it being released as a point release. 

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