How to best create a text entry field that creates a saved report?

Mar 20, 2013

Hey Storyline developers,

Here's what we're trying to do and would love you solutions on how best to accomplish it in Storyline:

In our course, we have about 6 screens (all on different screens and not in order) throughout and on each screen the learner should answer a few questions via text entry fields. At the end of the course the learner comes to a screen giving them the option to Save the report. This would create one document compiling all their responses they entered on all the different text entry fields on the different screens. The document would list the question and then the response all in one report and the learner could save to their desktop and or iPad (for HTML5 version).

Also on the last slide in the course (one that allows them to create and save their report) we want to give them the option to go back to each of the 6 screens and update their responses if needed. So there will be 6 buttons on this last screen and if they click a button it will display their original responses and let them edit. After they make any edits they can then press Save report and Save to desktop or iPad.

We were initially thinking of using the quiz feature but are now thinking of using text entry form fields.

How would you all set this up to work exactly as I described here?

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!


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