How to branch Question in Storyline?

Jan 29, 2013


I am working on a Storyline project which has 6 questions but  the learners are required to take only 4 question ( out of 6).  

Out of those 6, First 2 are common questions, while remaining 4 are divided in two groups of 2 questions (That means some learners have to take questions 1,2,3,4  and some 1,2,5,6).

As far as branching is concerned, I am able to do that based on values of  two variables (KN and FR). The value of one of these variables changes to true (two buttons are used to set the value)  on first slide (slide before Question 1). 

If KN is true: Learners go to Question 3 after completing question 1,2 

If FR is true: Learners go to Question 5  after completing question 1,2

However, I am having problems with the result slide. Result slide expects score for all 6 question which in my example I do not need to. The result slide is going to be used for tracking on LMS. Is there a way to customize result slide based on values of variables or Slide Branching? 



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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Ray,

Unfortunately, Storyline is a bit behind the Quizmaker as far as Quizzing Branching is concerned. 

Jeanette has a very useful tutorial on how to do branching in Quizmaker "".

I discussed achieving same functionaliy in Storyline and she came up with some suggestions. However, those are good if you are not tracking quiz results on LMS or have no problem if a bit inaccurate result is reported on LMS. 

Good luck.


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