How to Build a "Cosmo-like" Quiz

Hi there!  I am working on a course to help our employees learn how to successfully pass our internal audit.  As part of the course, I am having them do a self-assessment to see if they are practicing the behaviors needed to get the perfect audit.  For each category, there are tasks they need to do to score points.  Initially, I just created Yes or No button sets (check boxes) so they could think about if they are doing it or not.  However, it occurred to me that it would be cool if I could someone assign a number value to each button set, total it at the end and come up with a results slide.  If they get a high score, it may say something like "Wow!  You are going to ace your audit this year!" or if they score in the lower range, it might say "Oh oh!  You may want to review your process this year."  (or something like that- kind of like a cosmo-quiz.)  Does anyone have advice on how to create something like this?  I'm working in Storyline 2. Thank you! 


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Walt Hamilton

For each button set, write a trigger to set the variable for that set to a distinct value, depending on which button clicked. e.g."Adjust variable Question1 to 3 when user clicks 'All the time'"

"Adjust variable Question1 to 2 when user clicks 'Some of the time'"

"Adjust variable Question1 to 1 when user clicks 'Never'"

Use a unique variable for each button set.

At the end "Adjust Total to 0 when timeline starts on comment slide"

"Adjust Total add Question1 when timeline starts..."

"Adjust Total add Question2 ..." etc.

Show layer ACE when timeline starts on condition Total > 6

Show layer Average when timeline starts on condition Total between 3 and 5 etc.



Dina Tsuda

Thanks Walt!  Due to my lack of experience with variables (although I can slowly learning), I'm having a hard time following what I need to do.  I'm taking the button set (which is simple yes or no), naming it variable Question1_1_1, then adding a trigger to the yes box to assign a value of 1, and adding a trigger to the no box to assign a value of 0.  Does that sound right?  I have about 86 of these button sets spread across 21 slides. 

If that sounds on track (?), then I'm stuck on how to show a point total based on the boxes checked?  Appreciate any further clarification you can provide.  Thank you!


Walt Hamilton

Don't fret variables. Think of them as ways to pass on information without talking. They are just like the little wheels you see in small cafes between the counter and the kitchen. The waitress talks to the customer, and writes the order on the paper. She clips it to the wheel, and spins it. The cook reads it, and just like magic, knows what the customer wants without ever talking to the customer. Any waitress can put an order on the wheel, and anybody in the kitchen can read it. When it is prepared, the waitress takes the slip and is reminded of what meal to serve to which customer. The little piece of paper is the variable, and what is written on it is the value, or information you want to pass or keep track of.
In this project, I duplicated your scene, so you can see the differences. I made the changes on scene 2, "Corrected". I made a few housekeeping changes which I documented on the slide layer "Changes". Creating Button Sets means the user can select only one of each set.
Then I went to slide "Your Score", and wrote the triggers to add the question values to the TotalScore. You can create triggers to show different layers on this page depending on the value of the TotalScore. Just be sure that the trigger to show the layer is the last trigger in the list.

The only tricky part is if you want to update the score on each page in real time. That requires writing all the triggers to add up all the elements of the score for each button. Rather than do all that, I pulled out an old programmer's mantra: If you do the same thing more than 2 times, you should let the computer do it. So I wrote those triggers once, and put them on a layer. The layer calculates the page score when the timeline starts. It has nothing on it, and it closes after .01 second, which is long enough to do the calculations, but not long enough for the user to notice. I wrote a trigger for each button to show the layer when the user clicks the button. Essentially, every time the user clicks an answer, the layer calculates the total for that page. If you don't want a running score on each page, (and I think you don't), then just delete the layer, and the "Show layer" triggers.

Dina Tsuda

Wow!  Thanks so much Walt!  This is amazing and I so appreciate your help along with the words of encouragement.  Very creative with the calculate layer.  I think I will just create one results slide at the end to show their final score rather than on each page.  I'll start working on it and see if I can keep all the variables straight.  Thanks again for the help!


Dina Tsuda

Hi Walt!  Okay!  I was able to create each page, set up the button sets, assign a value to the yes and no boxes and get it to calculate correctly using the calculate layer.  Now I am stuck again.  I want to create a slide at the end that will add up all the point for multiple slides.  My thought was to calculate and add each of those variable on the final page (which is long) but it's not working.  Then I tried to add up the sections and total the 4 scores at the end.  But that is also not working properly.  Any advice?