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Michael Hinze

Just in case you want to read up on how to publish for CD, see info here. Your output folder should include a files set like this:

Then, open your CD writing program (this will be different, depending on your Windows version and PC/laptop make and model) or Windows Explorer and add these files to the CD's directory. Then 'burn' the CD.

Denis Hay

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your suggestion.  If I open the CD that I burnt it has those seven components listed as you show in your reply.  If I put the CD into my computer and click on Launch_Story.exe it plays just fine.  However, if I put the CD into my home CD/DVD player it only wants to play some parts of the content and not how it should normally play.

I want to send the CD to a client so that they can view it as recorded through their CD/DVD player.